Freitag, 7. März 2014

PMOD/WRC Davos und der Einzelkämpfer Jeffrey

HIER sieht man, was Jeffrey im PMOD tat: 

Hello Dane,

Today the police called and interrogated me about my activities this last month at the PMOD/WRC. They have video surveillance of me sabotaging the solar monitoring instruments and making the informative videos exposing the Climate Engineering corruption. Werner Schmutz, the director of the PMOD is pressing charges against me, and I must appear Monday at the police station. There is some paperwork, I understand, that will legally exclude me from being on he PMOD property again. Not sure what else they have in store for me. They are also considering placing me in a mental hospital on medications since I mentioned in one of my videos that I was not sleeping for 8days. This is how the system works. Just brining it to your attention in case I am locked up by this Swiss-NAZI system.

If the general public does not stand behind me, it is of no use to continue this activism. This is why I say in my other videos to detach from the system, and get into Nature. The people are happy to post this information on FaceBook, but are not willing to involve themselves further than that. So, unfortunately, looks like much of humanity will suffer the consequences as the Vatican's agenda takes its course. I tried, but could not do it all alone.

Good Luck!

Werner Schmutz

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